Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Localized Website Content

Is your business looking to create a multi-lingual version of your website but needs help?

In the US alone, Spanish is the native language of 17% of the population. As global market share diversifies, it is increasingly important to serve your non-English speaking customers with localized content. Region-specific articles rich in SEO-friendly keywords will boost your brand reach and provide an authentic user experience leading to more conversions.

Translating text to another language requires diligence to ensure your messaging remains true to your company's vision. There can be many nuances when converting figurative expressions and idiomatic phrases with multiple meanings. Furthermore, some words possess no foreign equivalent.

Murphy Services can make the website translation process easy for your team. We specialize in both content development and technical implementation. So regardless of what platform your website is on, we can help!

Ready to enhance your website with localized content? Contact us today to stay ahead of your competition. Our team of experts can help you create region-specific articles and translate your website for non-English speaking customers. Get in touch now to learn more and get started.