Modernizing the Corporate Intranet

Has your company seen dwindling usage of your corporate intranet?

Undoubtedly, the tools and data found within the traditional "Intranet" remain as relevant today as ever. However, 43% of respondents in a recent Gartner survey could not find vital job-related information due to the volume of company data spread across numerous applications. The same study suggests that by 2025, 50% of employees will be unable to identify the location of their company's intranet homepage.

The age of HR owning the company intranet has passed. It is unrealistic for one department to disseminate all information to an entire organization. Furthermore, the gap between the user experience of consumer apps and corporate portals is widening, driving down usage and adoption. Employees bypass the intranet by reaching out to their colleagues to ask questions, resulting in silos and wasted time.  

The first step towards the solution is understanding employee needs and corresponding business values. For example, a workplace's two leading digital needs are company-related information (ie. news, updated policies, benefits) and task-related tools (ie. sales, legal, collaboration). 

With a better understanding of these requirements, creating a hub for your company's digital workplace is possible. This framework can consist of a suite of tools maintained at a department level but deployed at a corporate level. Your employees will benefit from a single sign-on and enterprise search while the organization retains control of entitlements and visibility to all data.

In conclusion, modernizing your corporate intranet can lead to increased employee productivity, better collaboration, and improved knowledge sharing within your organization.

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