Preemptive Problem Solving with Predictive Customer Support

Imagine if your customer service team could resolve issues before they occur. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it's possible.

Predictive customer support engines use code that monitors customer activity and finds data patterns to understand product usage and customer issues. This type of AI allows businesses to take preemptive problem-solving initiatives that increase customer satisfaction.

Effective predictive service requires an array of information, including browsing data, event data, asset data, transactional data, profile data, and more. This information is compiled and managed through a unified customer profile which tracks customers' interactions with your business and determines how and when they may need your assistance.

This assistance can take shape in many forms. For example, it could be an automated chatbot offering the customer help on your website or a computerized text sent when a customer's expectations appear unmet. The goal is to make your customers feel appreciated.

Experience proactive customer support with AI-powered predictive solutions from Murphy Services. Our unified customer profile and data-driven approach enable preemptive problem-solving to increase customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn how we can help your business stay ahead with predictive customer support.