Remaining Current with Search Algorithms

Keeping up with SEO trends is challenging work.

For example, did you know that Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times yearly? In addition, over 93% of web traffic originates from search queries, so if your content does not play by the rules of search engines, there is a good chance that your potential customers are not finding you. 

While not every one of those daily algorithmic changes may impact your company's efforts to snag the top spot on the results page, it is vital to understand the lay of the land when optimizing the keywords that comprise your content.

SEO strategies must shift as companies like Google continue improving their results' relevance. For example, only months ago, it may have been considered a solid approach to have many pages of content, each targeting a specific keyword. However, as AI-based algorithms increasingly understand users' search intent, sites are rewarded for consolidating similar content into robust singular offerings.

We can help your team devise content to serve your audience best. As a result of high-quality content that semantically aligns with the current algorithms, you will achieve more traffic with lower bounce rates.

With Murphy Services, you'll have an expert team that understands the latest trends and can optimize your content for maximum impact. Contact us now to elevate your online presence!