Creating a Personalized Experience without Third-Party Cookies

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, now is a better time than ever to focus on a personalization strategy grounded in first-party and zero-party data.

Effective personalized marketing will make your customers feel like your brand is directly conversing with them, which leads to excellent customer retention, the opportunity for a long-lasting relationship, and, most importantly, increased revenue.

Until recently, companies personalized their digital marketing efforts through a technology known as third-party cookies, which tracked the behaviors of internet users across multiple websites. However, recent regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation have banned this data collection method.

These new laws force businesses to shift their marketing strategies to stay relevant. Two remaining options, first-party and zero-party data, can be used by marketers to personalize their ad campaigns effectively. 

First-party data comes directly from customer browsing activity and is similar to third-party data with a more limited scope. This data type is acceptable to personalize your company's website but will only scale that far. Personalizing an advertising campaign requires something more.

Zero-party data refers to information voluntarily shared directly from customer to company. Through the clever use of interactive tools such as surveys, quizzes, or polls, businesses can legally collect contact and preference information without privacy concerns. The best part is that since this data is collected directly from the consumer, it is the most accurate and reliable form of data available.

At Murphy Services, we understand the importance of effective personalization strategies that engage and retain customers. With the deprecation of third-party cookies, our team is equipped to help your business pivot towards utilizing first-party and zero-party data to create personalized experiences that drive revenue. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your brand thrive in a post-cookie world.