Making Sense of Analytics Software

Installing analytics software such as Google Analytics is quite simple. The tricky part is what to do with it.

Website analytics inform your business about how customers engage with your online content. These statistics can tell you what pages are most popular, the total amount of monthly traffic you have, which funnels drive leads, and which advertising channels are profitable for your brand. Understanding these numbers can also lead to faster page loading and higher rankings with search engines.

Analytics software requires precise expertise for maximum return. For example, it is easy to over (or under) report the success of an ad campaign by using the wrong UTM tags or event clicks. Likewise, not knowing how to filter internal traffic or bots can leave you with incorrect data leading to poor choices.

Murphy Services can help your team devise meaningful metrics reports based on your specific objectives. As a result, you can make intelligent decisions about your website or ad campaign to make your business more profitable.

With expertise in meaningful metrics reporting, we can provide insights to improve customer engagement, website performance, and advertising effectiveness. Contact us today to leverage the power of analytics and drive your business towards increased profitability.